Mario Canonge: Rhizome

Label: O+ 

Distribution in Scandinavia: Naxos


Genre: More than latin jazz


This record does not leave me alone, but wants to get played constantly! And it is far too simple to just put the label latin jazz on this rich music. It brings you into a world full of rhythms and arrangements, without even one single boring or uninteresting note. Elements from Caribbean and Latinamerican musical styles, such as beguine and Gwo-ka, and also jazz, fusion and whatever other labels you can find and tear into little colourful paper fragments and mix in a big bowl…

Mario Canonge is a pianist from Martinique who, after various fusion groups in the late 80’s, the best-known being Ultramarine and Sixun, started a solo career that has made him well-known in France and the Caribbean. He is backed by his compatriot Michel Alibo on bass and Mexican drummer Antonio Sanchez, who also plays with, among others, Paquito D’Rivera and Pat Metheny. This sounds exquisite already as a trio, with tight interplay and an input on an incredibly high level from the musicians. As a bonus we get guest artists such as Roy Hargrove (trumpet), Jacques Schwarz-Bart (sax) and guest vocalists Gino Sitson and Richard Bona, plus a few percussionists. Everything is kept together by Mario Canonge’s rhythmic and clear piano playing.


Annika Westman

Review published in Lira Music Magazine, Sweden, April 2006 ( )